Amanda Timm

Amanda Timm
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Amanda is originally from Calgary and grew up skiing and playing in the Bow Valley. In 2011, Amanda was competting in a big mountain ski competition where an unfortunate accident left her paralyzed from the chest down. Within 10 months of the accident, she started sit-skiing and was back competing in big mountain competitions, climbing, biking, surfing, and everything else she could possibly think of. Amanda was the first sit skier to shred the Delirium Dive at our very own Sunshine Village and competed on the Canadian Para Alpine Ski Team. Now a high school teacher in the Bow Valley, Amanda spends her time convincing more kids to get out and enjoy life to it’s fullest with no excuses. If she's not teaching, you are almost guaranteed to find her shredding a gnarly bike trail or sending big lines on the backside of Lake Louise.


1) Who inspires you? Forever my parents, from a young age they forced me outside happy or not, and because of that, I love all adventures.  2) Where does the passion for skiing come from? My friends and family. I never want to be left behind. Anytime I’m out with family and friends I know I’m in the right place. 3) What drew you to become a teacher? I love shaping the youth and making them think I am a lord. 4) What’s your favourite ski resort you’ve ever skied? I’ve skied all over the world and I can easily say Lake Louise is one of my favourite places, it may be the friends that come with it… 5) What’s the biggest misconceptions about sitskier? That I can’t keep up, hah.


I don’t have any true long-term plans. I don’t know where I’ll be living or what I’ll be doing but no matter what, you know I will be getting out doing the craziest adventures I can think of, and hopefully working with kids.

Amanda Time Skiing a rock face