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Virtual Shopping Experience. 

Book a virtual call with one of our gear experts to talk to you face to face and answer all of your shopping questions, via Zoom. Not sure which size best fits you? Want to know the main differences between two jackets? Not entirely sure what you're looking for? Our gear expert will answer all your questions. It's like shopping in store but from the comfort of your house. 


1. Select your service.

All video calls are conducted via video conference through Zoom. Please note: all services are currently only available in English.


2. Choose your time slot.

Appointments are available during store hours from 10am - 6pm daily. Please note: all times are in MST.

3. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you need help with.

Before booking your appointment, fill in the required information so our gear experts can help you better.


4. Check your inbox.

Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation from us confirming the time and day of your appointment. If you made a mistake or wish to reschedule, follow the link in your confirmation email to change your booking.



  • Booking your appointment
  • Joining the call
  • Placing your order

Booking your appointment

I can't see the time slot I want to book.

We are currently offering our virtual shopping experience between 10am and 6pm MST, 7 days a week. If a time slot within those hours is not listed, it has already been booked by another customer.

How do I book for a different day?

You can book an appointment up to 4 months in advance. To change the date, simply click on the date above the time slots. A drop-down calendar will appear, allowing you to choose your desired appointment date.

I booked the wrong time, how can I change it?

Unfortunately, there is no way to reschedule your appointment. You will have to first cancel your appointment and then book a new one.

How can I cancel my appointment?

All appointments can be cancelled. Simply follow the cancellation link in the booking confirmation email. Once done, you will receive an email stating your appointment has been cancelled.

I'm shopping for multiple items, do I need to book multiple calls?

No. Our gear experts are just that, experts. They will be able to assist you in all departments within one call.


Joining the call

Where will the call take place?

All of our video calls will be conducted through Zoom. Our gear experts will be in store, ready to show you any product you like.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others either by video or audio-only. You can think of Zoom as a Face Time call or a Skype call. Please note you will need a reliable internet connection to join a call.

Do I have to download Zoom?

Yes. If you plan on joining the call via your computer, you can join the call directly from Zoom's online web page here. If you plan on joining the call via your smart phone or tablet, you will have to download the Zoom App. Click here to download the app. 

How do I join the Zoom call?

Once you have Zoom open, you will be prompted to enter a meeting ID. This ID number can be found in your booking confirmation email you received when booking your call. Once the meeting ID is entered, you will be prompted to enter the meeting passcode. This passcode can also be found in your booking confirmation email.

I can't find my meeting ID or meeting passcode?

First, look for your booking confirmation email: it should be entitled "Booking confirmation for a virtual shopping call at Monod Sports". If you still can't find your meeting ID or passcode, please send us an email at weborders@monods.com or call us at 403-762-4571 ext.25.

I'm trying to join the call, but the screen says, "Waiting for host".

If you are trying to join the call prior to your appointment time you will be faced with a screen displaying "Waiting for the host to start this meeting". Rest assured, once our gear experts are ready for the call, the meeting will be activated, and you will join the call.

I've entered the right information, but it won't let me join the call.

Please send us an email at weborders@monods.com or give us a call at 403-762-4571 etx.25.


Placing an order

Can I place my order during the call?

For the safety of our customers, we will not be accepting payments during the call. You may place your order through our online store or in-store. 

Will my item be placed on hold?

If you plan on purchasing the item in reference to the call, we would advise you to place your order via our online store so we can secure the item for you. If you need to cancel your order, let your gear expert know or give our web team a call: 1-866-956-6663 ext. 25. We are also pleased to offer free returns and exchanges within Canada.

Is my item available online?

Yes! All of our in-store items are currently available on our online store.