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The North Face Technical Terms Explained

  • Bluesign: The North Face works with its fabric mills to ensure environmental and safety through the implementation of the bluesign standard. bluesign is an independent third party that sets strict environmental standards in the areas of resource productivity, consumer safety, water emissions, air emissions, and occupational health and safety.
  • Chimney Venting: dramatically improves airflow through the pant, reducing both heat and humidity while greatly increasing breathability.
  • Down Insulation: The North Face uses only the highest-quality goose down in all of its products. Each lot of down is thoroughly tested at three stages of production for loftiness, moisture resistance and ability to regain loft after compression. The North Face products are insulated with exclusive, high fill power down ranging from 550 fill to 900 fill, which represents the highest-quality down commercially available.
  • EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate): a highly resillient and lightweightrubber-like compund use in making the midsoles and insoled of athletic shoes.
  • FlashDry: Features a microporous particle additive that accelerates the removal of moisture from the skin and speeds evaporative drying. FlashDry enables the user to stay drier, more comfortable and out performing longer in a wide range of weather conditions and environments. FlashDry doesn't add weight or bulk and never washes or wears out.
  • FlashDry Fiber Technology: fiber technology incorporates permanently embedded microporous particles at the fiber level, which increase fiber surface area. High surface area fibers in conjunction with fabric construction accelerate evaporate evaporative cooling and drying.
  • FlashDry Thermal Technology: incorporates permanently embedded microporous particles into synthetic fibers. The result is an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio that keeps you warmer and more comfortable with less weight and bulk.
  • FlashDry Laminate Technology: Laminated technology utilizes a hydrophilic waterproof breathable laminate that transfers both liquid and evaporative moisture generated by the body during intense activities. A three-dimensional, microporous layer of particles is printed onto a hydrophilic membrane surface. Unlike hydrophobic membrane technology, the FlashDry laminate transfer mechanism facilitates both liquid and vapor transfer while maintaining a durable 100 percent waterproof exterior shell. Flash dry enables the user to stay dry, feel less clammy and more comfortable in wet environments.
  • Flow Vent System: The core flow vent increases air flow over the underarms and back, expelling heat and cooling the wearer during aerobic activity. The Rear flow vent increases air flow over the back, expelling heat and cooling the wearer during aerobic activity.
  • Goose Down Fill Thermal Insulation: Using only the highest quality goose down in all of our products, The North Face® tests each lot of down at three stages of production for loftiness, moisture resistance and ability to regain loft after compression. The fill power of goose down is an indicator of two important features: warmth-to-weight ratio and compressibility, both critical to retain warmth and furnish comfort. True fill power is measured by placing one ounce of goose down in a graduated cylinder and measuring the volume the down occupies in cubic inches. The North Face® products are insulated with exclusive, high-fill power goose down ranging from 600 to 900 fill, which represents the highest quality down commercially available.
  • Gore-Tex: shells are design to provide superior comfort and durable waterproof protection in a wide range of outdoor activities. The GORE-TEX revolutionary patented membrane technology is specifically engineered to form an impenetrable barrier against wind and water while maintaining breathability. GORE-TEX Shell fabric is used in a two-layer construction for a lighter and softer feel, and three-layer construction for a more heavy-duty alternative.
  • Gore-Tex Active Shell: Provides extreme breathability a long with durable waterproof and windproof protection for all-weather high aerobic activities. It combines a lighter, thinner Gore-Tex membrane, with a fine denier performance textiles to deliver a streamlined three-layer construction.
  • Gore-Tex Paclite: Combining extreme breathability and durable wind and waterproof protection with minum weight and pack volume, Gore-tex Paclite shells use a specific membrane with a protective internal layer made of an oil-hating/ carbon hybrid - eliminating the need for a separate lining, making this lighter, small and easier to pack away.
  • Gore-Tex Performance Shell: Specifically engineered to form an impenetrable barrier against wind and water while maintaining breathability, this waterproof material uses a two - layer construction for a lighter, softer feel - and in a three layer construction for a more heavy duty alternative.
  • Heatseeker Insulation: The North Face proprietary synthetic insulation offers a great warmth-to-weight ratio, is highly compressible and is extremely durable, making it ideal for cold-weather products that require warmth at minimal bulk. 
  • HydroSeal: The North Face proprietary waterproofing membrance.
  • HydroTrack: a non-marking rubber outsole with a TPU injectionmolded shank ideally suited for wet environments.
  • HyVent: a superior waterproof, breathable technology utilizing a polyurethane coating that consists of a tri-component, multi-layer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability. HyVent technology has been lab and field tested to ensure the best possible durability and function while also maintaining an optimum level of breathability.
  • IcePick Technology: Molded on the softer TNG Winter Grip outsole, IcePick rubber hardens when the temperature falls below freezing to provide the ultimate biting traction.
  • Northotic: is a multi-density footbed that provides enhanched stability, support and cushioning on the trail.
  • PrimaLoft Sport: The perfect combination of high-performance insulation and value, this technology combines ultra-fine and multi-diameter fibers for specific performance characteristics. The specaillay treated ultra-fine fibers help to form a water resistant insulating structure, while the multi-diameter fibers help to build loft.
  • PrimaLoft One: The ultimate microfiber insulation. Ultra fine fibers are specially treated in a patented process and then combined into an insulating core that is incredibly soft, lightweight and water resistant. PrimaLoft One absorbs three times less water, is 14% warmer when dry and is 24% warmer when wet than competivite insulation.
  • PrimaLoft Eco: uses fibers made from a minimum 50% percent recycled materials to create lightweight, performance.
  • RECCO: in an avalanche rescue system utilized by 600 rescue organizations worldwide to facilatete the rapid location of burials. The two-part system consists of a detector used by organized rescue groups and reflectors that are integrated into apparel, helments, protection gear and boots. together they enable directional pinpointing of a victim's precise location using harmonic radar but are not a substiture for a transceiver. Complementary in function, the system is an additional tool that does not interfere with avalanche dogs, transceiver searches or probe lines. The RECCO system facilitates a faster organized search and increases the chance of being found in time.
  • Tenacious Grip: a highly abrasion resistant, sticky rubber designed to perform in wet and dry conditions for excellent traction and durability.
  • TKA Thermal Fabrics: TKA (Thermal Kinetic Advancement) fleece are proprietary fabrics created by The North Face with superior insulation and wear-resistance. There are three different weights of TKA fleece offered and a TAK Superstretch fabric that excels in aerobic activities, they are:
  • TKA 100 - a lightweight, high performance microfiber fleece with a luxurious finish. TKA micro-fleece provides warmth next to the skin or in a layering system. This 100 percent polyester fabric is engineered to be both durable and resistant to pilling. It offers warmth when wet, launders well, compresses to a small size and packs easily.

  • TKA 200- midweight fleece ideally suited to function as a mid-layer. this 100% polyester, pill-resistant fabric is warm, breathable and has a great warmth-to-weight ratio.

  • TKA 300 - A mid to heavyweight, high performance, pill resistant fleece. It can be warm as a layering piece or by itself as a warm, casual outer layer, a great alternative to cotton sweatshirt.

  • TKA Superstretch- features a supple, four-way stretch fabric that delivers exceptional breathability and comfort. The soft, brushed inner surface aids in the fabric's moisture control and prevents chaffing, while the polyester and spandex construction contributes to a comfroming, supportive fit. TKA superstretch is ideal as a layering piece in cool-to-cold conditions or may be worn by itself as an aerobic outer layer.

  • TNF Apex Wind Protection: offers the dynamic duo of a tightly woven abrasion-phobic face for protection, and a soft-brushed interior for performance and comfort. Built to stretch for comfort and mobility, TNF Apex is also treated with a DWR finish to achieve the ideal balance between weather resistance and breathability.
  • TNF Apex Aerboc: The lightest and most breathable of the TNF Apex fabrics, TNF Apex Aerobic offers the greatest stretch and mobility, making it ideal for running, cycling and other highly mobile aerobic activities.
  • TNF Apex ClimateBlock: The most protective TNF Apex fabric, TNF APex ClimateBlock is virtually waterproof and windproof while also maintaining a comfortable level of breathability. The fabric is ideal for trekking, skiing and snowshoeing in challenging, inclement weather conditions.
  • TNF Apex Universal: the most versatile of the TNF Apex Fabrics, TNF Apex Universal is both breathable and water resistant, making it ideal across a wide range of activities and weather conditions.
  • TNF Winter Grip: A softer vision of the hard weaing UltraATAC compund, which maintains high grip levels in subzero temeratures.
  • UltrATAC: is an all-terrain, all-condition rubber outsole shanks, forefoot protection plates and waterproof winter-boot shells.
  • Vibram: rubber compounds that deliver superior grip, traction and durability.
  • Windstopper Wind Protection: Windstopper soft shells offer total wind protection and maximum breathability, combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell, all in one garment. Windstopper Soft Shells keep you comfortable and provide the freedom of movement you need for enhanced performance in a wide range of activities and weather conditions.
  • WindWall Wind Protection: Exclusive to The North Face WindWall is a fleece fabric that retains the comfort, flexibility and breathability of traditional fleece while eliminating wind chill. WindWall utilizes a unique fabric bonding process that cuts 80 to 95 percent of wind, keeping the outdoor athlete warm while allowing enough airflow to ensure a dry and comfortable fit. Windwall has proven a trusted year-round technology, as it shines as either a layering fabric or as a standalone outerwear in milder conditions.
  • WindWall 1: Fabric features a mesh liner and utilizes a unique fabric bonding process that allows a limited degree of external air permeability.

  • WindWall 2: features a gridded fleece liner for even greater insulation and utilizes a unique fabric bonding process that allows a limited degree of external air permeability.  

  • X-Dome: functions as a spring that both cushions during the foot plant and propels the foot into subsequent stride stages.
  • ZLoft Baffle Construction: ZLoft technology utilizws PrimaLoft one synthetic insulation and a unique Z-Baffle construction to maximize warmth without adding weight or bulk. They form strips of insulation into semi-circles and integrate them into Z-Baffle construction, which eliminates the holes created by a conventional baffle construction that stitches through the jacket and unsulation. This innovative construction keeps cold air out and warm air in, providing greater warmth with less weight.