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So what does it mean to be a Monods Member other than getting 10% membership savings?

Membership Terms and Conditions

Monod's members enjoy 10% discount on full priced clothing & footwear items

No coupon is required. Discounts get applied automatically at checkout when you log in. 

- Any coupon code you apply will override this member discount.

- Discount % may increase for members who shop with us often.

- Some clothing and footwear accessory items may be excluded. 

- Excludes ski boots

- Reward points can be used on the same order

Brands not participating: Arc'teryx, Blundstone, Patagonia, Hestra

Note: Starting August 13, 2017, accounts with no acitivity for 3 years will be permanently deleted and reward points remaining will be void. 

Free standard shipping on all orders. Always. 


Earn Reward Points:

Sorry, but due to supplier's price policy, no Canadian retailers are allowed to offer reward points on any Arc'teryx products purchased through an eCommerce website.   

$1 to 1 Point - Purchase an Item(s)

-  No reward points are earnable or redeemable on Monods Gift Cards / e-Gift Cards 

-  No reward points are earnable on Arc'teryx brand, but points can be redeemed to purchase any Arc'teryx items.

$5 (500 Points) - Become a registered customer on www.monodsports.com 

-  Create a customer account with Monods and you are automatically enrolled in our reward points

-  Welcome gift of 500 points will be waiting for you in your account when you log in for the first time 

-  Only one account per customer is allowed. Monod Sports holds the right to close any account identified to be associated with unethical activities.

$5 (500 Points) - Subscribe to Monods Email

-  Becoming a registered customer does not mean you have opted in to receive our email notifications on exclusive coupons or sale alerts.

$5 (500 Points) - Leave a Product Review (revised on May 15, 2017)

-  Leave your review on product you have purchased from us and tried on up to 5 reviews a day

-  Minimum number of words required: 30

-  Points will be given when your review passes our moderation and gets published on Product Details page 

Redeem Reward Points:


No Limit On Redeemable Points

-  From $1(100 Points) will be available to redeem

-  No limit on the amount of the current order you are redeeming points against

-  Points are applicable on Amount Before Shipping and Tax

Points from Current Purchase Amount is Not Redeemable

-  Earnable points from the current checkout amount are added into available points for your next order

Cancellation/Return Transactions will Revert Points

-  The previous points you have spent/redeemed on the original order will be reverted back to your account

-  The new points you have just earned from the order will be cancelled 


Several Conditions Apply:

Reward Points are Limited to Monod Sports Online Store (www.monodsports.com) Customers Only

No Expiration until Customer Closes Account

- Balance in reward points will be automatically set to 0 and deleted

- Balance in reward points is not transferrable to cash in kind

Monod Sports Can Close Account and Void Point Balance

- Upon identifying a fraudulent, unethical activity in the account

- After 3 years of no transaction in the account 


Reward Points Can't Be Converted to Cash 


Have a question about monods account and reward points, or if you are not sure of any of the conditions above, contact info@monods.com.


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