Kenzie Beeman

Kenzie Beeman
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Kenzie and her family moved to Canmore in 2011 to get closer to the mountains, as Kenzie and her sister were skiing for the Banff Alpine Racers. She started bringing her mom's DSLR camera on ski trips when she was 15, but remembers telling her family that she was going to be a photographer when she was 10. Kenzie was introduced to climbing by a friend on her ski team when she was 16. It started with sessions at Elevation Place in Canmore, but quickly transitioned to the outdoors and started planning trips to the classic climbing destinations. For the past 4 years, Kenzie has been in Kelowna studying at UBCO in the BFA program specializing in photography, and climbing as much as possible at the Skaha Bluffs.


1) What attracts you to climbing? The places it takes you and the different cultures you experience along the way! 2) Where is your favourite climbing destination? Kalymnos, Greece. 3) What is your go to lens? Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8. 4) Which photographer(s) inspires you? Tara Kerzhner, Savannah Cummins & Matty Hong.  5) What’s the one thing you love about photography? I love how completely consumed you can become in taking a single photo and how thrilling the outcome of that photo can be.


I am planning on going to Europe in September for at least 8 months to climb and take photos in new places. After that we'll see, but hopefully just keep on doing what I'm doing!

Photo by Kenzie Beeman